It falls mainly under montmorillonite group (OH4 Si8 Al4 O20­ nH2O). We supply high Quality Bentonite from Mines near Sagour & Damoh in MP.

We supply Bentonite in following forms:-
  • Bentonite Lumps
  • Bentonite Powder

Specification of Bentonite supplied by us is as under:-

Sio2 - 50-55 %
CaO - 1-1.5 %
MgO - 2-2.5 %
Fe2O3 - 10-12 %
Al2O3 - 15-18 %
LoI - 8-10 %
pH - 8-9
TiO2 - 1-2 %


  • Bentonite is mainly used as a binder in medium and high-grade casting, in foundry industry, in palletizing iron ore etc.
  • In cement and concrete mix in construction of dams, canals, reservoirs
  • As drilling mud in water well and oil well drilling
  •  It is also used in paper, ceramic, lubricant, soap and detergent, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, insecticide, etc.
  • For purification, clarification and discoloration of oil, sewage, industrial waste liquors, food and beverage, etc
  • As an additive to soil for preservation of its fertility
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