Silica Ramming Mass

We make Ramming mass from high quality quartz. The product is tested on various quality parameters and are available in different sizes. We use magnetic rollers to assure iron free material.
We supply following types of Ramming mass
  • Normal:  This is the widely used grade of Silica Ramming Mix. Silica content here is in the range of 98.50 % to 99.50 %.
  • Premix:- We mix Boric Acid as per customer requirements. Premixed Gives proper mixing of binder leading to optimum mixture and less wastage, as mixing is done by machines. We use only imported Boric Acid to give best results. It has consistent and longer lining and patching life.


Acidic Ramming Mass is used in the lining of induction furnaces. Quality of Acidic Ramming mass is directly related to the heating performance of the furnaces. Better quality of lining results in the smooth working of furnaces, gives optimum output and better metallurgical control.

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